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Марина Масловская April 20, 2016

The software has a lot of new features to meet customers' requirements which make it a useful instrument for different spheres requiring simultaneous information broadcasting on several screens: from education (explaining material to students from a lecturer's computer) to transport (using airport indicator boards) and business (performing multimedia presentations on negotiations or meetings).

Марина Масловская April 19, 2016

SmartLabs, one of the leading developers of solutions and set-top boxes for interactive TV operators, is delighted to announce an engagement with Poikilon Ltda to provide business development, marketing and sales support across Latin America (LATAM) and Caribbean.

Марина Масловская April 1, 2016

This new direct relationship enables SmartLabs to manufacture products with support for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital + and Dolby MS11.

Марина Масловская March 23, 2016

A lost password, even to a mere end-user document, is a headache unless recovered. Therefore, tools that help recover database passwords are always in great demand.

Марина Масловская March 18, 2016

The highlight of company's tracker is capability to work with any kind of user's movements. After installing this application, smartwatch, as a tracker, and smartphone, as an analyzer, can give the answer - how many times user has made a particular movement. User can investigate up to 10 types of movements simultaneously.

Марина Масловская March 18, 2016

New AeroAdmin v4.1 has boosted its performance due to optimized data base access algorithm and new regional routers. Comparing to previous version users can see up to 30% of performance increase.

Марина Масловская February 14, 2007

Radmin (Remote Administrator), one of the most popular remote control solutions in the world, used by more than 40% of Fortune-100 list companies, has been released in new version.