TightProjectorPro - New Opportunities for Broadcasting Images and Sound

The software has a lot of new features to meet customers' requirements which make it a useful instrument for different spheres requiring simultaneous information broadcasting on several screens: from education (explaining material to students from a lecturer's computer) to transport (using airport indicator boards) and business (performing multimedia presentations on negotiations or meetings).

With the new ability to broadcast audio lecturer may comment on the presentation in real time. And any broadcast session may be stored in a file and later reproduced without any effort. Advanced bandwidth control allows the program to run on the slow wi-fi channels.

A broad range of network connection settings allows performance of several independent units of TightProjectorPro within one local area network. One of enhancements is the multiminitor configuration which supports up to 8 monitors in the new version. Now users can view the same screencast in different Remote Desktop sessions running on the same computer.

Furthermore, TightProjectorPro uses multicast UDP packets for sending screen updates, which means the performance will not come to a halt if other computers within the same network are launched.

Pricing and Avaliability

TightProjectorPro is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10. A Standard Licence costs $49 and allows installing the software on any number of computers but transmitting just one desktop at a time. A site-license is also available. TightProjectorPro have a free trial version for you to take the first attempt and see if you are comfortable with service and function provided.