Interactive Background Removal Announced in PhotoScissors 3

PhotoScissors 3 is a new version of the well-acclaimed background removal application. With this tool users can instantly remove bad or unwanted backgrounds or replace them. The biggest advantage of PhotoScissors is extremely steep learning curve and intuitive mechanics. The user simply needs to paint a few rough strokes on the photo with a special marker to tell the program where the background and foreground and the tool does the rest automatically.

The major update of PhotoScissors introduces major changes. The biggest of them is interactive processing of photographs. Now, every stroke the user paints is processed by the program without a pause and in the main window, so the user sees the result in real time, while still being able to continue working with the image. Needless to say, how easier it gets to receive a perfect result when the program displays it almost instantly.

Among other novelties PhotoScissors 3 has brought are new filters for background and foreground for eye-catching special effects and unusual artistic look; manual changing of the image mask for precise fine-tuning of the cut-out image and a lot of new options including the Aspect Ratio and Feathering Radius options, and the truly unique option to move objects across the original photo. Interestingly enough, the program automatically fills the hole left in the background after the object has moved with matching textures and backgrounds.

Finally, the update features the support for Intel RealSense camera, the device capable of telling apart background from foreground in real time while taking shots. The user can load the image directly from the camera to PhotoScissors and replace the background with a click.

Pricing and availability

The price for a single license of PhotoScissors is $19.99. PhotoScissors is available both for Windows Vista or higher and for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.