Android Fitness Tracker Analyzing All Kinds of Movement Launched

The highlight of company's tracker is capability to work with any kind of user's movements. After installing this application, smartwatch, as a tracker, and smartphone, as an analyzer, can give the answer - how many times user has made a particular movement. User can investigate up to 10 types of movements simultaneously.

"Many of today's users are frustrated with fitness trackers and smartwatch, that can analyze and count steps only. It's just boring," says Alexey Nasakin, SoART CEO.

GestureBook & Gear Tracker 1.0 core capabilities include:

- user's movement Template recording;
- assigning avatars to Templates;
- selecting Template List for analyzing (up to 10 Templates);
- analyzing of user's activity, gestures and movements;
- representing results in two views - Table and Tape;
- sending results by e-mail or Facebook.

Price and availability

Fitness tracker is available in two versions - free and paid. The cost of the paid version is currently 2,09 $.


- smartphone running Android 4.4 or later;
- smartwatch Samsung Gear 2 \ Neo.