Easier Password Handling in Windows 10 Is Announced in Passwords Base 6

When it comes to password managers, few can argue the vast abundance of solutions on the market. Free and paid, automatic and manual, tools and online services - not to mention password management functions that are built into all modern browsers.

And yet Passwords Base 6 is different. This simple app managed to fuse secure password storage with extreme ease of use. The firm protection is guaranteed by 3DES encryption technology, a technology that is estimated to remain completely safe against brute-force hacks until 2030 or so. And straightforwardness of Passwords Base is a merit of the unique clickless access featured in the 6th version of the tool.

Clickless access aims to minimize the amount of clicks a user needs to view or paste a password. The illustration of this idea is the password list that automatically pops up when a user points the Passwords Base window. After that, opening a URL and pasting login/password detail there is a matter of several clicks. And the window itself takes minimum screen space and very little resources providing fast operation and low interference on everyday activity of a user.

'The concept of Passwords Base', tells Mihail Cherkashin, the developer of the software, 'is to make secured password management as easy as possible, while maximally reducing the inconvenience such management inevitably brings.'

Pricing and availability

Passwords Base works on any Windows from XP to 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions as well as Windows 10 tablets. The application requires .Net Framework 4. The cost of a license is $14.95 or 12.99 EUR.