Stimulsoft Reports.Online - Creating Professionally Formatted Reports Soon Available Online

Stimulsoft Reports.Online is designed for clients who do not need to purchase expensive licenses for application but have a need for regular reporting and their instantaneous sending to customers or publishing on their resources like websites, blogs, apps etc. The service will be useful for entrepreneurs, due to the low cost of the service; for medium-sized companies because there is no need to spend time on development and they can immediately start creating reports.

Stimulsoft Reports.Online allows users to build any reports. The most popular are invoices, POs, payrolls, bills, regulations, agreements, contracts, sales reports, company profiles and other. Once the report is ready, it can be published. The customer needs to create a report file for using on the web site, blog or application. The report file contains the report itself and code to run it.

The most important merit and pride Stimulsoft Reports.Online is the report designer. Logically designed interface allows users to have all the tools at hand. The Report Designer runs in a web browser, so there is no need to install any additional applications. It is not necessary to use the components for the development of tools and to learn the specialized API.

Report templates created in Stimulsoft Reports.Online are stored in the cloud. Stimulsoft Reports.Online does not store data that is used to generate reports. When creating a report, test data or just a description of its structure is used. After publishing the report, the actual data is connected.