Flashphoner Presents Its WebRTC Server on Amazon AWS Marketplace

Web Call Server 5 is an award-winning solution to connect the dots between dozens of various streaming video solutions, VoIP software, browsers and operating systems. The product easily integrates software and hardware solutions and provides an easy to deploy way to solve many real-world tasks that require low-latency streaming video. Webinars, web telephony, browser calls, broadcasts, video chats and conferences become available with minimum effort thanks to the support for WebRTC and Flash technologies.

Now Flashphoner presents an adapted version of Web Call Server 5 and publishes it in Amazon AWS Market. Deploying and running Web Call Server 5 in the AWS cloud now takes just a few minutes and a dozen of clicks. Amazon Web services is a leading provider of virtual servers available for hourly, daily or annual rent.

With Web Call Server 5 in the toolbox, users of the Amazon AWS Cloud can enjoy seamless streaming video and web telephony featuring support for WebRTC, RTMFP, SIP, RTMP, RTSP protocols. There is no need to manually install or configure the software. A turnkey server is installed in several simple steps from AWS Marketplace already configured and ready to work.

In addition, the classic version of Web Call Server 5 to install on any virtual or dedicated server is also available from the website of the developer.

Pricing and availability

Web Call Server 5 works on any Linux OS server with at least 1 GB RAMб or on Amazon AWS. The price tag starts from $999 for a Simple license with built-in branding. Enterprise license costs are individual and depend on chosen options.