September 2018 — SoftPressRelease

SoftPressRelease September 29, 2018

Intensively focused on bullet patterns emerging in a stylish black and white world

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SoftPressRelease September 26, 2018

The latest release of FastReport .Net includes a record amount of changes which was caused by the fact that besides the usual planned functionality the developers started adding customized users' requests.

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SoftPressRelease September 25, 2018

Auriga, an expert software R&D and IT outsourcing services provider, continues to strengthen its presence in Russia. In spring 2018, the company opened a new office in Novosibirsk, the educational and scientific center of Siberia. Auriga's Novosibirsk office will serve as a development center across the industries in which the company provides services and solutions.

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SoftPressRelease September 11, 2018

The SmartCare solution from SmartLabs has enabled Optima Telekom to continuously monitor the quality of service experienced by each of their TV customers. If issues are observed then the system helps Optima’s support teams to deliver fast and effective maintenance.

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