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Марина Масловская June 10, 2016

Many gadgets that track the daily activity, such as steps taken, distance walked and so on, have appeared in the last few years. The only problem is that users need to wear those gadgets everywhere and not forget to charge them, sometimes even daily. Yet, most people already carry a multi-functional gadget, perfectly capable of quantifying their daily activity: their smartphone!

Марина Масловская June 9, 2016

Ability of DataNumen Office Repair 2.6 to recover broken office documents are so vast, that the developer claims to refund money if some other tool delivers more. Indeed, Office Repair process Word text files, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases as well as Outlook data files and Outlook Express .dbx/.mbx files in equally easy and reliable way fixing most of problems in these documents. The...

Марина Масловская June 8, 2016

While the power of computer systems seems to still follow the Moore's Law, the actual performance of the home and business computers is often far from expected. Too many garbage applications, toolbars and services not to mention various malware and Trojans easily jeopardize even the top PC's operation.

Марина Масловская May 20, 2016

Time Monkeys was designed by Andrew Graham and is his first original title since the global hit Micro Machines games. It's a 3D action adventure with an innovative time rewind co-op gameplay mechanic, enabling players to build up an army of gun-wielding ghost monkeys. Featuring 36 levels of stunning arcade quality graphics, 25 heavy duty weapons, a huge variety of enemies, bosses, and a...

Марина Масловская May 19, 2016

Having already found success as experienced publishers they are very excited for Dekaron to lead the way for the launch of their brand new gaming portal Papaya.

Марина Масловская May 18, 2016

Stimulsoft Reports.Online is designed for clients who do not need to purchase expensive licenses for application but have a need for regular reporting and their instantaneous sending to customers or publishing on their resources like websites, blogs, apps etc. The service will be useful for entrepreneurs, due to the low cost of the service; for medium-sized companies because there is no need...

Марина Масловская May 13, 2016

When it comes to password managers, few can argue the vast abundance of solutions on the market. Free and paid, automatic and manual, tools and online services - not to mention password management functions that are built into all modern browsers.

Марина Масловская April 22, 2016

Web Call Server 5 is an award-winning solution to connect the dots between dozens of various streaming video solutions, VoIP software, browsers and operating systems. The product easily integrates software and hardware solutions and provides an easy to deploy way to solve many real-world tasks that require low-latency streaming video. Webinars, web telephony, browser calls, broadcasts, video...

Марина Масловская April 22, 2016

SmartLabs has delivered to Baze Technology a batch of high-end STBs, SML-5010W. The beautifully designed STB cases and remote controls are branded with Baze Technology's corporate colours and logo. Each STB is also delivered with a bespoke wall mount to enable it to be securely fixed in challenging environments.

Марина Масловская April 21, 2016

PhotoScissors 3 is a new version of the well-acclaimed background removal application. With this tool users can instantly remove bad or unwanted backgrounds or replace them. The biggest advantage of PhotoScissors is extremely steep learning curve and intuitive mechanics. The user simply needs to paint a few rough strokes on the photo with a special marker to tell the program where the...