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SoftPressRelease October 24, 2016

In the modern world based on globalization, any market is international, and development of a product only for one particular neighborhood is not enough to succeed.

SoftPressRelease September 3, 2015

ARATOG LLC, a professional game developer on Unity 3D for such platforms as Web, PC, iOS and Android, requested that our SoftPressRelease PR agency promote their new game Astro Lords: Oort Cloud in media.

SoftPressRelease March 26, 2015

The mobile apps market is relatively young, but it has grown dramatically over the last few years. Its active development in all parts of the world is fuelled by the rapid growth of the mobile device market and integration of mobile technologies into all spheres of private and public life. Today, mobile apps form one of the most investment-attractive market segments.

SoftPressRelease December 12, 2014

The public relations sector in Russia is relatively young and significantly differs from PR in Europe and the US. It came into existence in the turmoil of the early 1990s and had to develop during a period of smear campaigns, when politicians and corporations used PR instruments to discredit their rivals.

SoftPressRelease October 17, 2014

td {border:none!important;} If you are reading this article, you probably already know why sending press releases is good for your business. They draw public attention, boost brand recognition, improve company image. That is, if they ever make it to the audience.

SoftPressRelease July 21, 2014

Press release distribution is still the most effective way to attract attention to a product and to improve its recognizability. Today, using promotion of our client’s program as an example, we want to show you what results you can achieve by distribution of press releases into Russian-language IT-sources.

SoftPressRelease February 12, 2014

We receive press releases every day, and are very attentive to the texts in order to provide editors with the kind information they are used to getting. Yet, I must say that we should correct press releases and usually try to give useful information about how to write better, in the hope that our tips and articles will help improve your English writing skills, consequently leading to greater...

SoftPressRelease August 19, 2013

More and more mobile application developers request our PR agency to help in promoting their products. We have decided to share with you our experiences and inform you about the results of PR support for an iPhone mobile application launch. We hope this article will help you to select ways and means for promotion of your own mobile application.

SoftPressRelease May 11, 2013

So, you are a developer of mobile applications, a designer of an extremely useful and particularly exciting program product. It is high time to market and share your creation with the masses! There’s definitely some probability that your product won’t get lost in hundreds of thousands of similar contents and users will do justice to it, then you can happily count your profits. But since you...

SoftPressRelease May 21, 2011

One of the secrets to generating a high volume of targeted traffic to your website and plenty of software sales is to inform people about your product on a regular basis. Press releases allow you to easily accomplish this. They have a worldwide distribution to thousands of media outlets that will inform millions of people about your software product for free. Another benefit of press releases...