Case Study: Promotion of the AeroAdmin Program by Press Release Distribution

July 21, 2014

Press release distribution is still the most effective way to attract attention to a product and to improve its recognizability. Today, using promotion of our client’s program as an example, we want to show you what results you can achieve by distribution of press releases into Russian-language IT-sources.

The developer of AeroAdmin, a remote access program, ordered distribution of a Russian press release from our PR agency about the appearance of a new version. The AeroAdmin program is used to obtain quick remote access to computers via the Internet in order to provide technical support and remote administration of computers, both in different local networks (NAT) and within one local network (LAN).


The developer gave us a self-written press release and ordered its distribution into Russian-language IT-sources. The PR campaign goal was to attract potential users’ attention to a new version of the product by free publications in media. The task was complicated, because the product had a few famous rivals and there were no publications about its previous versions, which meant that even though AeroAdmin was not new on the market, it had not been mentioned in specialized media. However, the product had a number of advantages that could attract journalists and users’ attention.


Having learned the program, we altered the press release and wrote a pitch letter that described the product and its advantages. Then, we sent the press release to chosen sources dedicated to software and targeted at the relevant audience.


As a result of press release distribution, publications about the new version of the product appeared in some authoritative news IT-sources. You can see some of them here. is a specialized Russian analytical site with the latest IT-news, detailed reviews of smartphones, tablets, personal computers, software and peripheral devices.

News about the program was also published on iXBT’s Twitter account with 6374 subscribers. is an information source about the IT market. The site offers real-time news about the IT market, analytics, and description of new products and technologies. is an information source for professionals of the IT market. The site covers the most important events and tendencies, market players’ opinions, and analytic reviews. tells readers about new information and communication technologies, products and solutions, and their practical use by enterprises of all scales and fields.

The complete list of publications can be found in a report that we provide after press release distribution.

Publications exited users’ interest, which led to a higher visitor rate of the program site. According to the developer, “Press release distribution, calculated as the price of one click, is definitely a favorable offer.” Moreover, publications in authoritative sources increased the recognizability and credibility of the product that in the long run may become a key factor in favor of AeroAdmin.

If you want to see any information about your product in IT media, contact us. We will write a press release about your program, application or Internet service and send it to relevant sources.