Case Study: Promotion of Aratog’s New Game by Press Release Distribution

September 3, 2015

ARATOG LLC, a professional game developer on Unity 3D for such platforms as Web, PC, iOS and Android, requested that our SoftPressRelease PR agency promote their new game Astro Lords: Oort Cloud in media.

Astro Lords, a free multi-party space 3D strategy with controlled real-time fights, provides a cross-platform multiplayer, unlimited game universe and the possibility to transfer money out of the game.

The PR campaign goal was to attract the attention of potential players in Russia and western countries about the release the game on different platforms. Earlier, the project was not able to obtain enough money via KickStarter, which is why it was extremely important to get journalists and players interested during beta-testing and then to stir up interest by timely press releases.

We knew from our own experience how difficult breaking into game resources could be, so we approached to this task thoroughly. Having learned all the information and finalized the schedule for release of new versions for each platform in both languages, we made a detailed contact list of game magazines.

While working with media, it is very important to use a proper and interesting press release that can attract an editor’s attention and make him finish reading it, and moreover, inform about a game. We sent timely, well-written press releases together with personal addressed pitch letters to relevant sources over 2 years (about 3-4 press releases per year). Thus, we reported the following significant events related to the game:

- Start of beta testing
- Release of the game on KickStarter
- Release of the game in Russia
- Introduction of a new option
- Release of the game on iOS
- Release of the game on Android
- Release of the game on Steam

Due to wise selection of newsbreaks and well-written press releases, the game was mentioned in various sources, including authoritative sites with a high traffic ranking. We saw Aratog grow and win over more and more gamers.