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SoftPressRelease August 23, 2010

PR and marketing are like cousins: relation is obvious, but its degree is hard to define at once. And what do the press say about them? Usually reading an article on marketing or PR leaves an impression that both of them are absolutely essential for business, but their functions and the difference between them remains vague; in fact, it's unclear even whether they are different branches, or...

SoftPressRelease June 14, 2009

The effectiveness of a software press-release depends on many details, and the author is not the least of them. Who may be trusted to do this work? And when is it utterly important to translate from the technical language into human one?

SoftPressRelease November 13, 2008

Every now and then public relations managers face challenges in creating a useful, accurate and interesting press release. No doubt, a thoroughly-written release can dramatically increase the sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of yourbusiness or product. They say a professionally written press release can make the difference between a successful one and an...