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SoftPressRelease March 3, 2017

LCPSoft has announced the release of a new product: JRecover for Linux Passwords 1.1.0. The program imports hashes of user passwords of various Linux distributers from a shadow file from a local computer or a remote computer using an SSH protocol, restoring original passwords using one of three methods.

SoftPressRelease March 3, 2017

ScanPapyrus Team releases ScanPapyrus 16, an update for its versatile scan assisting application. ScanPapyrus simplifies batch scanning of multiple pages, enhances poor scanned images, automatically rotates and crops scans if necessary and delivers advanced scanning options as well.

SoftPressRelease February 16, 2017

The Windows version of the popular organizer LeaderTask has been thoroughly updated. Users can now try the new version of the program courtesy of a download from the company's official website. The program is free for the first seven days of use.

SoftPressRelease February 3, 2017

Icehole games is happy to announce the release of their new game World Basketball Manager 2 (WBM2). WBM2 is the first game of the series to be available on both Mac and Windows computers.

SoftPressRelease January 13, 2017

The team at PDF Compressor is thrilled to announce a limited-time giveaway. Their exclusive software will be available for download from January 11 through February 1, 2017, at no cost.

SoftPressRelease January 6, 2017

The company delivers a set of three instruments, Web SDK, iOS SDK and Android SDK, that allows independent developers and software development companies to rapidly develop and embed their own mobile and web applications for streaming video such as video chats, conferences, online broadcasts, IP camera broadcasting, screen sharing and online calls.

SoftPressRelease December 28, 2016

Card battlers generally have two drawbacks: players have limited control over their cards, and gameplay is slow. Unlike other apps in the genre, Wartime X combines strategic gameplay with fast-paced action, using a unique combat engine that fuses the card classics poker and war.

SoftPressRelease December 9, 2016

SmartLabs announces the release of a new version of SmartTUBE 5, an interactive TV service delivery platform. Trial SmartTUBE 5 is free!

SoftPressRelease November 17, 2016

Bits&Coffee has released PhotoMarks 3, a powerful photo watermarking program for Mac and PC, alongside PhotoMarks for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. PhotoMarks enables photographers, web designers, business people, and families, to protect their copyrighted images quickly and efficiently on any computer or iOS device they own.

SoftPressRelease October 26, 2016

Artem Kotov, an independent game developer, announces the long-awaited release of Defense Zone 3 on Android. The sequel combines classic armed towers with new exciting weapons, adds new landscapes and enemies and offers tons of options to fine tune defenses for even more captivating overall gameplay.