Weather Reminder for iOS is the First Activity Planner Which Considers Weather Conditions

October 10, 2017

Weather Reminder 2.0 app is released on iOS. The app lets make plans not for specific dates – but for specific weather conditions: to wash a car, have a picnic or take a stroll in clear weather, to read a book at home or take an umbrella when it’s rainy or to fly a kite when it’s windy.

Everyone has had their plans ruined by the weather at least once in their life. It’s always raining right after a car wash and sunglasses are never close at hand when it’s sunny outside. With the new Weather Reminder app, climatic conditions will not come as a surprise again, since all the activities will be planned with the weather forecast in mind. When the right weather comes, the app displays a push-notification prompting a user to act accordingly.

The application delivers reminders about certain activities or tasks, which are distinct from the usual reminders in that the user selects not only the date and time of the reminder – but also the desired weather conditions for a specific day or subsequent days. As soon as the desired weather (for example, no rain or wind) occurs during the pre-set period of time, Weather Reminder notifies users of their planned activity.

The app tracks not only temperature, precipitation and wind speed, but also such parameters as probability of precipitation (POP), “feels-like” temperature, atmospheric pressure, and much more. All reminders can be set for basic parameters or a combination thereof, and even for forecasted or actual values.

A key feature of the app is its array of pre-installed activity templates, which the user can select in a single tap: “Wash my car”, “Wear sunglasses”, “Take umbrella”, “Make snowman”, “Look at stars” and so on.

Last but not least, Weather Reminder accurately recreates weather effects on the app’s animated wallpaper, offers everyday helpful hints and looks particularly stylish on the screen of an iPhone.

Pricing and availability

The Weather Reminder app is compatible with iOS versions 10 and higher. The cost of the app at the App Store is $2.99.




The Weather Reminder app was created by a group of independent developers from St. Petersburg.