Automatic Batch Photo Conversion and Editing for Windows and Mac

Bits&Coffee has released BatchPhoto v. 4.2, an image manipulation application for Windows and macOS that lets photography professionals and enthusiasts enhance and manipulate hundreds of images in a single operation. Unlike software designed for family and home users, BatchPhoto is designed to help professionals save time by automating critical image management functions.

New features in v. 4.2 include a powerful new Details view for visualizing and sorting thousands of images, the user can now sort photos by Date Taken, Dimensions, Location, Camera, F-stop, Exposure, ISO, DPI, Color, Coordinates, and even Altitude. Updated Resize, Auto Crop and Crop graphical filters, and improved support for RAW image formats with the addition of the latest DSLR digital cameras.

The photography editor at a newspaper with ten reporters who take photographs in the field can set BatchPhoto to automatically pre-process all of their images. Each reporter can drag and drop their images to a folder on their hard drive. BatchPhoto will detect the new image, convert it from the reporter´s digital camera format to the format that is needed on the newspaper´s website, change the name of the image from the mysterious name assigned by the digital camera to a meaningful name, add a date and time stamp, reduce the size of the image to the size needed for the site, watermark the image with the newspaper´s copyright notice, and FTP the images to the newspaper´s website. Automatically.

The office manager of a real estate company can create a BatchPhoto process that automatically grabs and processes each agent´s photos as they move them to a specified folder. The software can adjust the size of each image, add a decorative border to each photo, convert the images to PDF albums so that all of the company´s agents can show the photos to their clients, and upload all of the photographs to the agency´s Facebook and Flickr accounts. Automatically.

BatchPhoto supports more than 170 image formats, and can automatically convert from one format to another. It even handles the RAW format used by many digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

It´s easy to create profiles that define which transformations to apply to each image in a batch. Alternatively, users can enhance a single image by simply right-clicking the image, and selecting a profile. The software performs a series of operations on the image. It´s possible to change the number of dots per inch (DPI), auto-rotate images from portrait to landscape, or rotate them a specified number of degrees. Users can also crop photos by cutting a rectangular section out of each image.

BatchPhoto enhances images, one at a time or in batches. The software can automatically detect and fix problems with contrast, brightness, gamma settings, and sharpness, transform color images into black and white pictures, charcoal images, or sepia-tone photos, apply solarization and embossing effects to images.

Whether user has a large library of images that need a lot of work before they can be used in business, or has a steady flow of photos that need to be enhanced before putting them on a website, BatchPhoto makes the process automatic.

Prices for BatchPhoto begin at $29.95 (US). For more information, to compare the features of each version, or to download the trial version of BatchPhoto, visit

About Bits&Coffee SRL

Since 2005, Bits&Coffee has been developing and marketing image enhancement productivity software for business and home users. In addition to BatchPhoto, the company also offers Image Espresso, a free online image converter and editor; PhotoMarks, a software that lets you watermark images on a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad; PhotoVideoCollage, an app that creates video collages for iPhone, iPad, and Macs.