New version of FastReport 2018.4 beats record for the amount of improvements

September 26, 2018

The latest release of FastReport .Net includes a record amount of changes which was caused by the fact that besides the usual planned functionality the developers started adding customized users' requests.

One of the users, ilshatkin, shared his experience of successful finish of his project after he reached out for help to Fast
Reports support service:
"I was able to do the task. Fast Reports support service didn't hang me out to dry. As a result, Aleksandr [Tsyganenko] added required functionality so that I could implement the task".

The user was in search of paid assistance. Fast Reports support service solved his problem for free and added needed changes to the major version of the product.

The new version includes such changes as:

- Improved RichText parser: direct object conversion when exporting into text documents format;
- Copying and deleting prepared pages in preview with 1 click;
- Improved compatibility with the latest version of FastReport VCL report template and export of new objects;
- Managing document size for printer output in Excel export;
- FastReport .Net Core: added Oracle package.

Full list of changes can be found on company's website:

The developers say that user's initiative allows to broaden product capabilities, as such kind of feedback allows to find out about user's real needs and make report development as fast and easy as possible.

"As you can see, FastReport fulfilled the task brilliantly. I'm glad that I don't have my hands "tied" in order to create such complicated reports.

It's easy for me to adjust user's requests by changing only the report template and not bring any changes into the system's core or create any kind of "duct tape" - ilshatkin continues on SQL.RU

Full review can be found on SQL.RU:

About the company and the product:
FastReport .Net is a business analysis tool for Microsoft Visual Studio developers. Launched in 2009.
Fast Reports is founded in 1998 and creates reporting systems for integrating into applications for such platforms as .Net, VCL, FMX, Mono.