Top Rated OneSafe PC Cleaner Updates to a New Major Version

April 11, 2018

Avanquest Software presented new OneSafe PC Cleaner 6, a cleaner, uninstaller, startup manager and optimization tool. The new release brings in uninstalling of browser add-ons directly from a browser, improves internet cleaning, and introduces a lot of UI improvements and bug fixes.

Managing PC health can be tough today with numerous threats from Internet, unsolicited browser add-ons, and dozens of applications crowding in Startup – all together hindering performance of the computer a lot. Surely, experienced PC users can deal with most of those issues pretty quickly, but for those who aren’t that savvy in computer setup, cleaning that mess is almost impossible. Almost.

OneSafe PC Cleaner is a potent system utility that automatically deals with all common issues slowing down the PC. To name a few functions, the program cleans unused files and junk data from the computer effectively freeing up GBs of wasted space, can perform traceless uninstalling of applications, manages start up applications greatly speeding up booting of the PC. The tool also manages browser add-ons, maintains security and uses literally hundreds of minor tweaks to optimize overall performance of the computer it is installed to. After install, OneSafe PC Cleaner scans the system for various issues and produces a detailed report.

The new major version introduces a lot of changes in almost every part of the tool. For example, the Uninstaller component obtained the ability to uninstall Chrome, Firefox and Edge extensions directly. The cleaning tool now shows more details about the process. The Internet cleaning module improves cleaning of history, cache and cookies in Edge, Firefox, IE and Chrome. A number of rare bugs were fixed too.

“With all the novelties, OneSafe PC Cleaner 6 is a viable option to experience that “new PC” feeling without spending hundreds of dollars on a new machine”, says Yvon Lenglet from Avanquest Software. “Our tool safely accelerates your computer making it operate noticeably faster”.

Pricing and availability

OneSafe PC cleaner is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. The program offers free scan and displays the list of found problems. In order to fix the issues, the user has to purchase the full version. The full version costs as low as $3 per month.


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About the company

Avanquest Software is a leading provider and publisher of consumer software. Avanquest titles are widely present in stores in more than 100 countries across the world. OneSafe PC Cleaner is one of flagship products of the company.