The Updated Windows-Version of the LeaderTask Organizer Is Released

February 16, 2017

The Windows version of the popular organizer LeaderTask has been thoroughly updated. Users can now try the new version of the program courtesy of a download from the company's official website. The program is free for the first seven days of use.

The new LeaderTask version introduces approximately ten time-management techniques and has enhanced the most important aspect of the organizer: Statement of Tasks.

LeaderTask offers users the following options:

- The ability to communicate on a task in a separately created chat;
- The ability to divide a task into subtasks;
- Association of tasks in projects;
- Statement of terms of performance of tasks;
- Distribution of tasks for the workday;
- A more complete projection for the year ahead.

It is possible, through the correct combination of these options, to monitor the course of execution of an objective as well as to competently distribute the work duties.

Currently, the company's developers are engaged in creation of the new version of the program under OS X. Throughout 2017, a number of changes designed to efficiently guide clients through business challenges will emerge.

About the company

"Organizer LeaderTask" LLC is an independent software developer. The main direction is to create solutions that organize personal and corporative time, project management, staff management and client relationships. The company was established in 2011.

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