The Program to Protect LCD-Monitors against Image Persistence and Further Damage is Available

May 18, 2017

GRG Software Company released PerfectScreen program for everyday use in order to prevent damages and to correct initial stage damages on LCD monitors (also with LED-lighting) caused by image persistence.

According to studies, every second LCD monitor has insignificant damages because of the main disadvantage of LCD technology itself – image persistence. It appears on the monitor screen after a long display of a static image, such as Windows taskbar, elements of Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop interface. Since wide-screen monitors were introduced to the market, this problem became especially significant, because due to their sizes not the entire screen is being used.

PerfectScreen program allows to resolve the issue of image persistence and to protect the monitor screen from damages. The program runs automatically in the background, therefore the user does not need to do anything. It is also capable to inform the user that the image persistence limit has been attained. On top of image persistence, the program may be used to prevent the appearance of stuck pixels and to correct them.

The program works in a few steps. While the user is working on the computer, the program collects real time image persistence statistics. As soon as the user stops working, the program removes the accumulated image persistence based on the collected statistical data. After all image persistence is completely removed, algorithms of normalization of monitor screen are being turned on. Straight after the user re-commences his work, the program goes back to stage one.

The quantity of the accumulated image persistence is displayed on the icon of the program in system tray. If it is in the green zone, the user can switch off the computer without danger of damaging the monitor. Alternatively, he can use an automatic switch off function when the program has completely removed image persistence and turns off the computer by itself.

The program also gives an opportunity to check, visually or with the help of a camera, whether there is image persistence on the monitor. The user just needs to upload a picture of the monitor screen from the camera, and the program will show the areas with image persistence. The user may also test his monitor’s capacity to accumulate image persistence within 20, 40 and 60 minutes.

PerfectScreen contains highly optimized algorithms, which allows minimizing the use of the computer resources. The program is suited for both home users and companies who wish to protect not only their property but also the health of their employees because image persistence creates a significant discomfort for the users.

Pricing and availability

PerfectScreen is available for Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The price of the full version for one computer is $29.95. Discounts are available depending on the quantity of an order.



About the company

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