The New Movavi Photo Editor 6: Innovative Technologies for Smart Photo Editing

October 10, 2019

The latest major update takes Movavi Photo Editor to the next level. New features include precise AI-powered enhancement and improved photo editing tools.

Since 2004, Movavi Software Inc. has been proving that it's possible to combine professional features with an easy-to-use interface, enabling anyone to share their creative ideas with the world without limitations or challenges.

This fall, Movavi released the new Photo Editor for Windows and macOS. The program includes all the functionality of the older versions, plus some new features that make the photo editing process easier and even more engaging.

New Features in Movavi Photo Editor 6

AI-Powered Enhancement
Movavi has developed artificial intelligence technology that enables users to enhance their photos in a single click. The program automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast and makes any photo look more composed and professional. - visuals

Manual Area Selection
This new tool lets users select and edit a specific part of the photo. Now it is possible to change the color of an outfit or brighten a face in the shadows. - visuals

Human Silhouette Recognition
The program automatically recognizes people in the photo with a single click. This feature lets users change the background in a photo quickly without having to manually select the individuals in the shot with a brush. - visuals

Frames Collection
A collection of stylish frames has been added to the latest version. Each frame can be customized: users can change the color and width of a frame and add round corners. - visuals

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