The New Android App GoodDay Puts All To-Do Activities Together

May 12, 2017

The GoodDay Smart Calendar&Alarm application carries accustomed calendar and to-do list functions to the apogee. The Android app gathers events, reminders, to-dos, alarms and appointments into one perfectly straightforward and streamlined shell giving the user an instant grasp of what he or she should do today.

GoodDay Smart Calendar&Alarm addresses the reason why multiple to-do, calendar, event planning and reminder apps fail. Literally, the reason is there are too many of them. The user sets an alarm in one app, memorizes an appointment in another one and manages daily tasks in a third one.

GoodDay assembles scattered apps into one, fully integrated application that makes managing events, reminders, schedules and alarms much easier in comparison with traditional built-in solutions. The staple of the app is a smart calendar that visually represents every event the user has planned. Thanks to clear color coding, comprehending the intraday activity becomes intuitive and fast.

Importantly, the app automatically detects the type of each event and selects an appropriate theme for it. For instance, a business meeting in GoodDay is decorated with charts and diagrams in the background; sports and workout activities are highlighted with men and women training and so on. As a result, in a glance, the user sees the entire timeline of the day including appointed meetings, things to do, upcoming birthdays and other events in the most straightforward way possible.

The application is designed in that user-friendly style Google promotes and widely uses, so switching to GoodDay Smart Calendar&Alarm from other apps including Google Calendar or MS Outlook is effortless. Plus, the app integrates to the user’s Android account, so existing events are imported automatically.

“In the beginning of May, GoodDay Smart Calendar&Alarm was published at ProductHunt”, comments Eugene Skutin, a senior developer at the GoodDay company. “We are looking forward to users' feedback and comments”.

Pricing and availability

The GoodDay Smart Calendar&Alarm application is free. It works on Android 4.2 or higher. Both smartphones and tablets are supported.


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GoodDay Company is a developer of mobile applications and services with headquarters in Foster City, CA.