The First Programs for Recovering NoSQL Database Passwords Have Been Released

April 12, 2018

LCPSoft announces the release of JRecoverer, its new cross-platform application family for recovering NoSQL database passwords for MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchDB. The programs recover passwords from hashes using a brute force attack, a dictionary attack, and a hybrid attack.

The philosophy of non-relational NoSQL databases is gaining ever greater popularity. At the same time, until now there has been no effective solution for password recovery.

The LCPSoft company has developed the JRecoverer series of software products for password recovery, and now it has released its latest line of cross-platform solutions for recovering passwords belonging to NoSQL database users: JRecoverer for MongoDB Passwords, JRecoverer for Cassandra Passwords and JRecoverer for CouchDB Passwords make it possible to obtain hashes of user passwords from databases of the corresponding types, and to recover the passwords themselves from the hashes by exhaustive search, dictionary attack, or a combined method.

The principles of how these utilities work are as follows: the program imports user account information (and several import types are supported), then obtains password hashes from the databases and tries to recover the passwords from them. An important point is that programs in the JRecoverer line automatically determine which algorithm has been used to compute the hash. The results of the program's work produce a report on recovered passwords, listing user accounts and their passwords along with various measures and a graphical representation of them. Programs in the JRecoverer family offer a password security audit function, identifying insecure and weak passwords.

As of today, JRecoverer is the only solution for recovering NoSQL database passwords. The programs' cross-platform nature makes them a good acquisition for small and medium businesses as well as for major enterprises.

Pricing and availability

Products in the JRecoverer family are cross-platform. You must have Oracle JRE 9. The following NoSQL databases are supported: MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB. The price for a year's subscription for one product is $55. There is also the option of subscribing to JRecoverer NoSQL Bundle, including all three products, for $80.


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About the company

The Moscow company LCPSoft has been developing cross-platform password audit and recovery applications since 2014. Thanks to their combination of simplicity and ease of use with reliability and effectiveness, solutions developed by the company have been successfully employed by many users.