The Do-it-all 3D Cover Design Tool Received Major Update

May 18, 2018

Insofta Development announces Cover Commander 5.5.2, an update to the fast and straightforward 3D cover and box shot design tool. The new version adds support for iPhone X screens and brings in a lot of enhancements that make designing CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and book 3D covers as well as screen mockups a breeze.

The first impression does matter. For computer software, DVD/Blu-Ray disks and books (electronic or not) a great cover is often the only way to attract a customer. Clear presentation of the product’s value combined with professional design of the cover does wonders in conveying that the product is worth customer’s attention.

Cover Commander is a tool that can easily replace a high-salary designer and deliver great looking screenshots, mockups, 3D boxes and covers in virtually no time. Cover Commander can effortlessly render animated screenshots, images of plastic cards, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray boxes, mockups of best selling smartphones and laptops and many more. In Cover Commander, it is equally easy to create multi-device mockups or animated box shots, and apply effects like depth-of-field, reflection or sharpness in one click. The process takes as little as choosing textures for the mockup and picking a 3D scene template from dozens of available in stock. Also, the tool has a built-in batch processing, so rendering hundreds and even thousands of images for an online store, portfolio or catalog is as simple is creating just one.

The new version of Cover Commander adds a lot of long-awaited features starting from iPhone X mockups support and enhanced DVD and Blu-Ray models to a number of internal changes that together boost performance of the tool greatly. In particular, thanks to optimized memory usage the program is now able to render large images faster. Pre-rendering of images also became significantly faster. Long-time users of Cover Commander will find useful new templates of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks, and newcomers will certainly enjoy animations and special effects as well as the improved user interface of the program.

“Cover Commander assists designers, software developers and owners of online stores in creating professional and high-quality mockups in no time and for a very reasonable price”, concludes Neil Sagitov, public relations manager at Insofta Development.

Pricing and availability

Cover Commander is available for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. A lifetime license for the product costs $99.95 and includes one year of free upgrades to newer versions. An unlimited upgrades license costs $199.95.


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About the company

Insofta Development offers high quality graphic design software and services since 2004. The product line of the company includes Cover Commander and 3D Text Commander. The company also offers collections of authorial icons for sale.