Russian Hosting Provider Extends Its Presence in Europe and the USA

June 1, 2017

A well-known hosting provider vStoike with over 15,000 clients in Russia and worldwide launches a rebranding campaign. The new brand Veesp appears to replace the old name and brings in a new line of virtual servers Compute VPS based on cutting-edge hardware: Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors and DRR4 RAM modules.

There are plenty of reasons describing the popularity of Veesp services. The hosting uses the KVM virtualization technology. For a client, this means that the VPS allocates given amount of resources and never shares them with other virtual servers even if the actual load of the virtual CPU or RAM of the client is low.

Among other options preconditioning high popularity of VPS services provided by the company are HTML5 VNC console for easy management the server from any browser; HTTP RESTful API for developing third-party applications; IPv6 support; support for client ISO images; reverse DNS support and unlimited bandwidth. From their control panels users can install operating systems and web apps in one click.

The company took a decision to expand its services for two main reasons. First, one of the leading hosting providers in Russia already has a significant number of western clients, and having a Europe-based branch was just a matter of time. Specifically, among foreign clients of the company are Apica, The Media Trust, Fashion House Group, Gransy.

The second reason for rebranding is purely esthetical. The original brand name vStoike, easily memorized and spelled by Russian clients, is not that obvious for clients from Europe and the USA. As a result of reorganization, the company’s legal entity is now SIA Veesp with the corresponding new brand name Veesp.

Along with the new brand name, Veesp brings in a line of high performance virtual servers Compute VPS based on Intel Xeon E5 v4 processor family. New servers are also equipped with fast DDR4 RAM and new enterprise level SSD storage organized to extra-secure RAID10. Overall, these measures easily bring up the performance of client’s virtual servers to the whole new level.

Pricing and availability

Prices for VPS services start from $4 for the “Sandbox” plan with 1 virtual core CPU, 512 MB RAM and 10 GB of disk space on SSD.

Overall, Veesp offers a range of VPS plans up to “Compute 32” with 8 vCore CPU, 32 GB RAM and 320 GB SSD for $200 monthly. There is also an opportunity to make a custom plan.


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About the company

Veesp is a new name of vStoike, a brand of the well-known hosting provider, Fishnet Communications founded back in 2004. Since February 13, 2017 Fishnet Communications does business as SIA Veesp. SIA Veesp delivers server rental and has over 15,000 of reputable clients in Russia and all around the world.