PTE AV Studio 10: Ultimate Tool for Slideshow Creation

October 15, 2019

Creation of professional slideshows and video shows has become incredibly fast and easy with the newly released PTE AV Studio 10. It offers a rich toolset of 100+ flexible templates and effects (3D animation, color filters, blur, masking and more), a straightforward interface with a full-resolution preview window, and a 4-fold increase in operation speed due to GPU acceleration.

WnSoft Ltd, a software manufacturer specializing in slideshow making tools, announces the release of PTE AV Studio 10. It is the 64-bit successor of PicturesToExe 9, an award-winning solution that has been used for years by photo and video professionals. The new version can use over 2GB of system memory for large projects, supports more formats of audio and video files, features new commands and built-in themes.

PTE AV Studio 10 is designed to facilitate the creation of professional audiovisual shows: the user can combine various elements (pictures, video clips, music, comments, text captions) and add stylish transition effects: 125 customizable effects including complex 3D animation. At the same time the interface of PTE AV Studio 10 is straightforward enough to be used by amateurs and even complete novices. Amateur photographers can benefit from ready-to-use themes and styles: they turn a bunch of pictures into impressive slideshows in the blink of an eye.

In addition to the aforesaid, PTE AV Studio 10 is fast and powerful thanks to GPU acceleration. Even the most demanding professionals will appreciate 4-fold faster encoding and smooth full-resolution preview. The timeline view allows to conveniently arrange and sync all audiovisual elements, while the preview window demonstrates a full-quality result almost instantly.

It is also worth noting that PTE AV Studio 10 allows to save slideshows as standalone executable files for Windows. An EXE file contains all photos, captions, videos and audio tracks and does not require any additional program. It is a perfect format for presenting a slideshow at a contest or distributing it to customers, since all compatibility problems are avoided.

Key features of PTE AV Studio 10:

- Photos and video clips can be used as slideshow objects;

- Pan/Zoom/Rotate animation, 3D animation effects;

- Parent-child animation of objects;

- Built-in styles, themes and transitions;

- Keyframe-based animation editor;

- Audio editor with support for multiple audio tracks;

- Fast interface operation and smooth playback due to GPU acceleration;

- Full-resolution preview in real time.

Pricing and Availability

PTE AV Studio 10 is available in two editions: Standard and Pro. The latter offers more advanced features and effects (color filters, video speed adjustment, video masks, dynamic blur, animation modifiers, watermarking, etc.). The detailed comparison of the editions is available here. The price of the Standard edition is 69 USD, Pro edition costs 139 USD.

System Requirements

PTE AV Studio 10 requires a 64-bit Windows 10, 8 or 7.

About WnSoft

Founded in 1998, WnSoft is a software company specializing in slideshow creation tools for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Its key product, PicturesToExe, won several industry awards and received positive reviews in leading photography magazines. It is widely used in the US, the UK, France, Australia and other countries. The mission of WnSoft is to make innovative and reliable products that help users unleash and express their creativity.

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