PSD2HTML Converter API Is Now Available for Purchase

October 31, 2019

PSD2HTML Converter company is now offering the long-awaited API of its signature service. Software companies can purchase it to add extra value to their products, launch localized conversion services or create tools for internal use. Smooth automated conversion of PSD to HTML/CSS is in high demand among designers and web developers. service is well-known in the web design industry: it saves time and effort by automatically converting Photoshop artwork to HTML/CSS. The service is able to convert certain layers into links, input forms, lists, tables and other functional elements. In other words, the user gets a ready-to-use HTML/CSS page that rarely needs further modification. The result is guaranteed to be W3C valid and cross-browser compatible.

The service now offers its API to software companies, which can use it in several ways to get additional profit:
- by enriching their own product with a PSD2HTML conversion feature and making it more attractive for the target audience;
- by creating a localized conversion service, adapted for a certain country's software market;
via affiliate sales of licenses for to your customers (getting up to 50% of sales revenue);
- by launching an automated conversion service for internal use.

Further information on the API is available here:

Web development companies can also purchase an annual or a perpetual license and install the solution on their own servers. The service provides detailed documentation and a user guide for their employees to create proper PSD templates for smooth automatic conversion.

How does the service work?

The user uploads a PSD file that should not exceed 1 GB. Flexible conversion settings allow to choose the optimal layout type, font size units, images quality level and more. The service processes the uploaded file and provides a ZIP archive containing HTML, CSS and Javascript for the created web page.

To get the maximum of the service functionality, the users should observe several simple rules. Layers ought to be marked with tags according to the service documentation and grouped logically (header, content, footer, etc.). One logical image should correspond to one layer, one Smart Object or one layer group with a "merge" tag. Observing these rules ensures that the resulted HTML document has the desired structure.

Pricing and Availability

The prices of the API and the licenses are negotiable. The annual license includes regular updates and technical support, the license key should be renewed every year. The perpetual license requires a one-time payment and includes technical support for 6 months. Subsequent updates and support are provided for extra fees. For more information please visit

About PSD2HTML Converter

PSD2HTML Converter is a company well-known for its online converter service. Initially its goal was to facilitate web development and reduce its cost by accelerating webpage slicing. However, after numerous requests the company launched an API offering, so that businesses could embed the service into their products or become local resellers. Further information on the company and the conversion service is available at