New quality horror: Butcher for iOS from indie developers

The indie game developers have released a new game called Horror Butcher. It's not an easy thing to find a high quality horror game for a smartphone. Almost all of them are done quite haphazardly – they have neither plot, nor gameplay and the frightening elements do not have the proper effect. The easiest way out of this situation is just to come to terms with backwardness of the genre in the market and play something else. But all this is not about this game.

The game combines many of the characteristic features of the classic horror for survival, while it also contains pleasant innovations. Are there gloomy interiors with an abundance of frightening details like blood stains on the walls and rats scurrying down the corridors? They are there. Is there the feeling of constant danger, not leaving the player even for a minute? It is presented here in the best possible way. Are there puzzles that require constant mental process? Of course we it is there. Is there a fascinating storyline with unexpected twists and turns? The developers also paid attention to it.

You will find a fascinating horror quest with a first-person view. The player can walk through the atmospheric premises of the old hospital, find some things necessary for his rescue and use furniture as a shelter. At the beginning of the game you will not have access to all the rooms - they will open as you progress through. The main goal of the game is to escape from Butcher's lair, for which you need to open all the locks on the front door.

Cost and availability

The game is free, but it uses in-game advertising, which sometimes will be shown to the player between the game scenes. It is important that viewing short commercials is necessary to use the checkpoint system. A checkpoint is created each time the player unlocks one of the locks on the front door. So, if Butcher suddenly overtook you and introduced you to his ax, you have a choice - to start the game from the very beginning, or continue from the last checkpoint, after watching a small commercial and saving yourself a lot of time and energy. Advertising can also help you with the passage. If you are stuck somewhere and do not know what to do next, you can use a special opportunity in which necessary for passage things begin to be lightened up after viewing the commercial. It is quite useful function.

These ads can be completely disabled, but, of course, for money. However, it's worth it, because sudden commercials do not correspond to the gloomy and frightening atmosphere of the horror.


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