New PhotoScissors Tool Magically Moves Any Object on the Photo

TeoreX releases the fresh update to its automatic image background removal software PhotoScissors. The new version allows drag-n-dropping an object on the photo from one place to another while the program selects boundaries of the object and refills the gap in the background automatically.

PhotoScissors is positioned as a really easy photo editing and retouching tool and it fits this role very well. With it, a user can remove a background from a photograph or replace the background with a more picturesque one in less than a minute. PhotoScissors automates 99% of the work and has a very simple user interface, so retouching a bad photo is really easy with the tool.

Now the tool has updated to the version 3.0 and has brought in a new exciting feature. “Moving the object on the picture is a rather common request”, comments Max Gapchenko, the chief developer at TeroeX. “So, we decided to let our users do this with minimum effort.”

The process of moving an object on the picture is simple. The user roughly marks the object on the picture and the background. No precise selection or pixel hunting is needed. Then the program automatically cuts the foreground object from the background and analyzes the surrounding textures to automatically fill the hole when the user moves the object somewhere else. For even better fit, a number of filters and adjustments are available in the program too.

Such intuitive approach allows adjusting the picture with very little effort. Move a couple closer to each other; move a statue a bit to make it better fit the Rule of Thirds; dislocate a boat on the horizon or a tree in the woods. Possibilities of PhotoScissors are unlimited and are very accessible even to users with no photo-editing experience.

Pricing and availability

The price for a single license of PhotoScissors is $19.99. PhotoScissors is available both for Windows Vista or higher and for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.


TeoreX is a developer of a number of graphics tools and utilities for end users. Each tool typically does one complex retouching operation in a very simple way. The product line of the company covers easy background removal, smart retouching, intellectual cropping and other operations that typical require professional software.


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