New Movavi Video Suite 2020: Helping Beginners Implement Creative Ideas

October 17, 2019

Movavi is pleased to announce the release of the updated Video Suite 2020. The software is now even more powerful and multi-featured, making it even easier to use.

Since 2004, Movavi Software Inc. has been proving that it's possible to combine professional-level features with an easy-to-use interface, enabling anyone to share their creative ideas with the world without limitation.

This fall, we released the new Movavi Video Suite 2020. This update is the biggest since the very first version of the software. All of the tools for video editing, format conversion, and screen recording are now more powerful and faster than ever. And thanks to the updated interface, it's even easier to use those tools. Users now have even more opportunities to get creative thanks to Video Suite's new video effects, new stock content, and online educational programs.

New Features in Movavi Video Suite 2020

Redesigned Interface

The launch window has been upgraded and improved. Now users can customize the layout to best meet their needs and create their own ideal set of tools.

Improved Tools

The video editor, converter, and screen recorder have a new look, too! The interface in the new version is more convenient and intuitive, even for beginners. The color scheme is new, too.

New Opportunities

Users can upgrade their video-making skills with new online courses, stock content, and additional programs. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn how to improve their videos.

More Effects

New video effects have been added to the Video Suite collection: parallax, ruffle, glitch, and many more.

Easy File Management

Now users can create their own personal media collection within the editor to easily manage files.

Comprehensive Subtitle Editing

Overlaying video captions is now easier too - the subtitle editor now includes a built-in online search and extended editing features.

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