Video Transport Facilitates Remote Work of Editors at ITN Productions

June 5, 2020

Medialooks Video Transport is deployed by ITN Productions to produce video content during the lockdown in the UK. This video streaming solution delivers multiple feeds to remote editors who check the color

Medialooks has announced the successful deployment of Video Transport into the workflow of ITN Productions—the creative and commercial hub of ITN, UK’s largest news organization, which produces sports, television, and advertising content for a wide range of broadcasters and websites.

When the British government imposed the lockdown, ITN Productions organized remote editing with the help of Video Transport, a low-latency streaming solution.

How does it work? A dedicated machine on the company’s network collects all NDI video streams and sends them to remote editors via the VT Publisher app. Editors can view and check the feed on their broadcast monitors thanks to the VT Receiver app connected to I/O hardware.

Offline editors use those streams for daily editorial review of the timelines. Online editors check the material for color fidelity and image quality, as well as for technical and legal compliance. They need the video streams to be of maximum quality in order to do their job effectively, and Video Transport successfully provides that.

“We’ve got incredibly experienced online editors working with this, and they seem to be pretty happy with the quality that’s being streamed. They’ve validated color accuracy and can even see fields, so online work is really achievable,” says Olly Strous, Head of Post Production at ITN Productions.

Pricing and Availability

The subscription price of

Video Transport is offered as a subscription services starting at 450 USD for 3 months and 5 channels. Detailed information about subscription plans and a free trial version are available at the product page:

About Medialooks

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