Keep Your Diet Healthy and Diverse with Recipe Calendar 2.0

July 24, 2019

Recipe Calendar is a meal planner that offers 50+ diet plans and automatically generates a shopping list for the chosen recipes. Virtually anyone can find a suitable menu: vegetarian, paleo, low carb, mom and child, gluten-free, etc. The new version supports filtering by cost and cooking time, as well as exclusion of unwanted ingredients.

Harmonic Soft announces the release of Recipe Calendar 2.0 for iOS, a convenient meal planning app with thousands of recipes and automatic shopping lists. It features over 50 pre-designed meal plans for every taste and budget (raw vegan diet, mediterranean cuisine, low carb, paleo diet, inexpensive dishes and more). This app is a useful tool for those who want to diversify their diet without spending too much time and resources.

How does it work? During the quick initial setup the user specifies the number of people and meals (e.g. working people may exclude lunch on weekdays). The next stage is about the user’s preferences: what ingredients they would like to avoid – eggs, meat, poultry, etc. The free version marks the recipes with the unwanted ingredients, while the Pro version excludes them entirely. Finally, the user selects a preset menu or creates a custom meal plan.

As soon as the meal plan is chosen, Recipe Calendar automatically generates a shareable shopping list for the week. It contains all the ingredients for the selected recipes, measured to provide the required number of portions. Using such a list, one can reduce grocery shopping to once a week and minimize leftovers.

The interface of Recipe Calendar is straightforward and intuitive. The user can easily browse through over 5,000 recipes and organize the most appealing ones into a perfect meal plan for the week. Each recipe contains detailed instructions with photos, nutritional information, cost and estimated cooking time.

By the way, Recipe Calendar is more than just a cooking app. It is a large community of people united by their love for cooking: over 400,000 users and 500 culinary professionals interact via the app, adding new recipes, exchanging comments and sharing impressions. Any user can create their own recipe and collect comments from both professional cooks and amateurs.

Key features of Recipe Calendar:
- Meal plans for any taste and budget;
- Exclusion of unwanted ingredients;
- Filtering by cost and cooking time;
- Menu synchronization on several devices;
- Social sharing;
- Automatic shopping lists.

Recipe Calendar 2.0 is currently available for iOS:

Subscription to Pro version costs $5.99 a month or $18.99 a year.