JpegMedic: Restore Damaged or Encrypted JPEG Files without Special Skills

Dec Software announces the release of JpegMedic, a new program that allows users to restore damaged JPEG images after ransomware attacks, hard drive failures, or SD card malfunction. This straightforward tool does not require any special skills or knowledge.

JPEG images can get damaged due to a variety of reasons. Power outages, hard disk malfunctioning, ransomware encryption are just a few of them. However, it does not mean that a valuable photo archive or vacation pictures are lost forever. With JpegMedic, the user can restore JPEG images without any special skills. It is much like putting LEGO blocks in the correct order, and the straightforward interface of the solution makes it quite easy for anyone.

Any JPEG image consists of two parts: image data and metadata that describes the file contents. If image data gets damaged, then you see wrong colors, unaligned parts, or a missing image portion. JpegMedic repairs such files by replacing damaged fragments with auto-generated content or correspondent fragments from thumbnail images. The latter are stored in metadata, and the program efficiently uses them for repair purposes, because today’s digital cameras create large thumbnails up to 1440x960 pixels.

If the metadata of a JPEG file is damaged, the image cannot be displayed at all. It often happens due to ransomware that encrypts user files. Fortunately, JpegMedic can quickly solve this problem by merging the metadata from another JPEG file and the image data from the encrypted one. As a result, the user gets a perfectly healthy and readable JPEG image.

Apart from restoring individual images, JpegMedic also has a variety of other useful features. For example, the program works with RAW files that contain full-sized JPEG images inside. When a RAW file is damaged or encrypted, JpegMedic extracts the embedded JPEG images and repairs them on the spot if necessary.

Besides, the program can work with a disk image of a malfunctioning SD card. Direct changes to the corrupt memory card can entail further damage, so it is highly recommended to create a disk image for JPEG repair.

JpegMedic at a glance:
helps the user restore damaged, encrypted, or fragmented JPEG images
supports disk images (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/ISO file systems)
works with disk images including forensic formats (AFF, E01, Ex01)
runs on any 64-bit version of Windows

Price and Availability

JpegMedic is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows OS. The license price starts from 19.95 USD. A fully functional trial version is available. Please visit the product website for the detailed pricing information:



JpegMedic was created by Denis Anisimov, a programmer who once faced the challenge of recovering photographs from a corrupt SD card. After several months of investigating the structure of JPEG files, color coding methods, and the FAT system nuances, he finally managed to recover the pictures. That is how JpegMedic was created — first as an online service, and later as a Windows solution.