iPhone Owners Escape to Astral in a New Augmented Reality Game

February 5, 2020

Astral World LP announces the new augmented reality game Astral World set in a magical universe where everything is not as it seems. Players enter astral to chase intruders and catch criminals across streets of the seemingly mundane city. Every successful mission results in new levels, more mana points and health, and even the ability to make an astral selfie.

Technically a fitness application, Astral World puts the typical process far beyond what is accustomed thanks to the augmented reality technologies. The backstory of the game tells about the Astral World, a hidden parallel dimension where legendary mages work as police force to prevent unauthorized sorcery and to protect the reality from the Astral World beings. Unfortunately, there is also another side of the conflict – the Dark Side, whose ultimate goal is to unleash astral terrors on Earth.

Being easy to grasp, the gameplay is extremely addictive. A player dives into the Astral World on his or her phone and scans the vicinity. The goal is to find and capture astral beings represented on the screen as emoticons. Magic powers of the player character give a clue on what to do next, and whether the target is close. And if it’s not, the player should wander around searching, which technically means making a certain number of steps.

When the astral being is near, the phone briefly vibrates indicating that the astral emanations have become exceptionally strong. Now, the player must identify and capture the astral being. The Astral World is deceptive, and everyone is under a cloud of suspicion, so the player must closely inspect the surroundings first to identify the correct person. Quickly tapping the screen as soon as an emoticon appears allows the player to scan the astral being, capture it, and score. Scores advance the player to higher experience levels opening new scenarios and raising his or her health and mana bars.

At any moment in the game, the player can take an Astral Selfie – a special magic photo that projects astral emoticons to player’s face. Also, reflecting the recent iOS dark mode, in Astral World the player also can choose between light and dark sides to play for.

ricing and availability
Astral World requires iOS 13.0 or later to run. The application is free with in-app purchases. The application is supported only by iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Astral World LP is a provider of software products for iOS. Astral World is the first AR game developed by the company.

Website: https://astral-world.com/

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-astral-world/id1...