Flashphoner presents Android and iOS SDK for quickly coming up with functional WebRTC applications for low-latency streaming video

January 6, 2017

The company delivers a set of three instruments, Web SDK, iOS SDK and Android SDK, that allows independent developers and software development companies to rapidly develop and embed their own mobile and web applications for streaming video such as video chats, conferences, online broadcasts, IP camera broadcasting, screen sharing and online calls.

Usually, development of video chats for browsers and mobile devices is rather laborious process that requires a lot of human and time resources, and often the final result of the development is still below expected. This is caused by data transfer inconsistency, lost packets and latencies. Besides, the browser itself along with mobile platform peculiarities, network firewalls and NAT issues add even more complexity to this already nontrivial task.

Now, developers at the Flashphoner company specializing on video streaming in browsers and on mobile devices have managed to overcome these complexities and successfully solved problems related to transmission and conversion of video across browsers and mobile platforms.

As a result, the company presents three SDK that arm website developers and IOS and Android mobile apps developers a quick and trouble-free way to develop and deploy their own high-quality video projects using a web camera and a microphone.

"If you develop a website or a mobile application, like webinar, you should focus on design, usability, user experiences and do a lot more to develop a really good and easy-to-use application for your users", says Alexey Trunov, product-manager at Flashphoner. "With our tools and API, you simply give commands. You tell ´send the video stream´, and the video stream is sent. ´Play the video stream´, and the video stream starts playing. All internal complexity including processing, sending, synchronizing and receiving of a video is managed by our platform".


Web SDK: http://flashphoner.com/wcs-web-sdk
Android SDK: http://flashphoner.com/wcs-android-sdk
iOS SDK: http://flashphoner.com/wcs-ios-sdk
Web Call Server 5 platform: http://flashphoner.com/web-call-server-5

About The Company

The Flashphoner company develops browser-based audio and video solutions and communications since 2009.