Fast DBF Manipulation Tool Becomes Even Faster

April 10, 2017

HiBase Group has improved performance of its DBF Viewer 2000 software. The version 6.55 of this versatile instrument for all-around DBF editing and viewing received improved command line filters and HTML exporting of memo fields as well as enhanced sorting performance for numeric fields and statistical reports exporting.

DBF Viewer 2000 is one answer to hundreds of DBF editing questions. This easy-to-use and fast standalone software allows for editing of the database structure, modifying records, filtering, sorting and managing multiple DBF files created in almost any framework since 1984. The tool is also a capable converter that can export the source DBF file to a number of destination formats: XML, CSV, HTML, SQL and many others.

The program works independently on any database libraries, DLLs or frameworks. Thanks to extra-fast direct algorithms empowering reading, viewing and editing operations, DBF Viewer 2000 is way ahead of competitors when it comes to performance. This is especially essential when a database administrator needs to batch modify multiple databases at once.

The new version 6.55 released by HiBase Group recently further improves outstanding performance of the tool in many aspects. In particular, the new update speeds up sorting of numeric fields and features improved command lines filters and exporting of memo fields of a database to the HTML format. Needless to say, such improvements further simplify and accelerate manipulations on extra large databases (and DBF Viewer 2000 supports DBF files larger than 4 GB).

Another feature added in v. 6.55 is ability to export statistical reports via the command line. A nice add-on to already full-featured command line operation of DBF Viewer 2000.

Pricing and availability

DBF Viewer 2000 is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10, in both 32- and 64-bit editions. The price of a personal license is $39.95. The business license costs $99.95. The site license costs $199.95. $999.95 is asked for a worldwide unlimited license.


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HiBase Group Company develops a number of utilities for all-around data processing and format conversion. The flagship product of the company is DBF Viewer 2000. Other titles include DBF Recovery, CSV Converter, XLS Converter and DBF Converter.