Encrypt Any Data on Any Windows PC with Cryptainer Encryption Software

January 17, 2018

Cypherix announces a major new release 12.0 of Cryptainer encryption software. Cryptainer 12.0 contains several major enhancements including compatibility with Windows 10, password strength meter and a new powerful, fast virtual disk driver developed with the latest technology that supports GPT drives, GUID partitions and faster volume creation with support for up to 10 Terabytes volume sizes.

Cryptainer 12.0 can encrypt any kind of data on any medium. Cryptainer 12.0 creates encrypted volume files that can be loaded and unloaded to appear as drives on Windows. These virtual drives store sensitive information in the encrypted form. On loading this virtual drive using one's password or passphrase, files of any kind can be dragged and dropped into it. Moreover, all applications can store and use files on these drives seamlessly. Once unloaded, the data is rendered totally inaccessible by anyone but the person with the key. All data is encrypted at an astonishing speed, in spite of the high bit-strength.

Cryptainer 12.0 also allows users to send encrypted files by email in its own special SITW file type. The recipient doesn’t even need to have a copy of Cryptainer installed to decrypt the files. Using Cryptainer it is possible to encrypt files directly on any media, including removable media (USB Drives, Flash Drives, Mobile Devices, CD/DVDs).

Cryptainer allows users to create self-contained installations that load directly from the removable media without having to install anything permanent on the host machine. The sensitive data can be stored within an encrypted volume file that can only be accessed through the Cryptainer program and user-password.

Cryptainer 12 offers true on-the-fly 448 Bit disk encryption to ensure that absolutely anyone can use it effectively.

Cryptainer is available in different languages including Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Pricing and availability

Cryptainer runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8.x and Windows 7. Cryptainer comes in several editions including Cryptainer ME, Cryptainer PE, Cryptainer SE and a free Cryptainer LE Edition. A single copy of Cryptainer ME costs $29.99 and Cryptainer SE Enterprise Edition costs $129.95


Official website: http://www.cypherix.com

Product page: https://www.cypherix.com/cryptainerle/

Download: http://www.cypherix.com/cryptainerle/index.htm?adv=user_pr
Store: http://www.cypherix.com/store.htm?adv=user_pr

About the company

Cypherix is one of the few companies worldwide to specialize in cryptography and data security. The company has developed several products which address security needs ranging from basic issues, such as privacy, to network security and access control. Cypherix products have simple and user-friendly interface and do not require any technical skills.