Dekaron: Action Update 19 – Part 1 is Available Now

May 19, 2017

Vertigo Games released the long-awaited Action Update 19 – Part 1 for Dekaron, the extreme action RPG. Dekaron is a renowned classic MMORPG with fast-paced brutal PvP and a sprawling world map full of quests to complete and dungeons to conquer.

Set in Trieste, a land of fallen gods, demons, and legendary heroes, Dekaron chronicles the struggle between the last powerful remnants of humanity and the dark forces of the Abyss. A player can choose one of 11 character classes, each with their own unique gear and abilities, and become Trieste’s greatest champion.

Featuring nearly 10 years of playable content, Dekaron is a cornerstone of the MMORPG community that continues to grow with the help of its dedicated community. Eagerly awaited by fans for over a year, Part 1 of the massive ACT19 update to Dekaron includes new systems, enemies, weapons, quests and much more.

Key features of the game:

- Delve into the depths of the Forgotten Underground Temple and face room after room of new deadly fast-respawning monsters in a new level 185+ dungeon;

- Collect resources and learn either weapon, armor or alchemy crafting mastery to forge epic items;

- Create ultra-powerful gear and take on Dekaron’s world in style;

- Experience revitalized PvP with rebalanced character classes;

- New character titles show off the game’s achievements to the world: complete specific quests and challenges to collect them all;

- Added costume closet system frees up inventory space and allows hotkey swapping between favorite outfits;

- Growth area improvements and expanded chat system.

Pricing and availability

Dekaron is a free game. It is available on the Windows platform.


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Founded in 2016, Papaya Play is the unified web launch portal of Vertigo Games America, Inc. Through Papaya Play, Vertigo Games provides quality service for users of its currently supported titles, BlackShot and Dekaron. The Papaya Play team is comprised of experienced publishers and talented individuals who strive daily to maintain a standard of excellence. Moving forward, Papaya Play will continue to expand and provide exceptional gaming experiences to the online marketplace and beyond.

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