DataNumen Presents the Updated Solution to Repair Compressed BKF

June 7, 2019

DataNumen releases DataNumen BKF Repair 2.5, a tool to fix corrupted or damaged backup files created by Windows Backup Utility or Veritas Backup Exec with the whooping 99.6% recovery rate. The new version of the program can deal with compressed BKF files, and features the redesigned batch repair engine.

Periodic backups are a vital part of everyday workflow. If things go wrong, a backup file created with the default Windows Backup Utility or Veritas Backup Exec can save the day and help restoring lost files. But what if the backup file itself becomes damaged?

Many users and system administrators who regularly work with BKF know all too well messages like this: “The backup file is unusable”, “Unrecognized data”, or “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media”. Any of these messages basically mean the same: the data from the backup BKF file cannot be recovered. Which means the safety bag that should protect the business from crash doesn’t work.

DataNumen BKF Repair analyzes unreadable BKF backup files byte by byte and fixes all errors and damages it finds. The tool is able to recover damaged structure: volumes, folders and files in the backup, even on damaged media like USB sticks or scratched CD. The type and size of a BKF file do not matter either: DataNumen BKF Repair successfully cures extra-large files and supports multi-dataset and multi-volume BKF files.

Importantly, the program works very fast thanks to special analysis engine, and does not require administrator privileges to function. DataNumen BKF Repair is also much easier to use than the standard Windows Backup Restore utility, not to mention the 99.6% recovery rate.

The latest update brings in the capability to work with compressed BKF files and the redesigned batch repair engine, both options simplify bulk recovery. The batch repair log is saved now and can be reviewed later.
Pricing and availability

DataNumen BKF Repair supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Visa/7/8/8.1/10 or

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019. The program repairs BKF backup files created on Windows or Mac systems. The program is free for personal or non-commercial use. A single license for businesses costs $149.95.


DataNumen is a developer of data recovery software since 2001. Aside from award-winning end-user software, DataNumen offers developer SDK that allows embedding their solutions to third-party software.


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