Brownies 2: More Time Management Adventures in the Tiny Magic World

December 22, 2020

Sugar Games company has announced the release of its new game Brownies 2: the Return. The Smith family comes back to Brownieland, the tiny land of house-elves, to solve a new mystery and confront an evil sorcerer. Both adults and children will enjoy classic time management gameplay, as well as a fascinating fairytale story and picturesque locations. The game is available for mobile devices on iOS and Android.

The Smiths may look like your average English family, but in fact, they are so much more. Who would have thought that they can shrink to a tiny size and travel to the secret land of brownies — English house-elves? In the prequel game mom, dad, and their kids Ellie and Peter fought the wicked Boggart, but now they have to find out who used the dark sorcery to steal the Brownieland princess and destroy all magic portals. The family’s old friend, a lovable house-elf called Rusty, helps them to solve the mystery.

It is a challenging task, but the Smiths must accomplish it by all possible means. Huge trolls and other evil creatures hinder their attempts, and the dark sorcerer throws a spanner in the works: blows up bridges, conjures barricades, and sends all kinds of vermin. To achieve the goals of each level, the player needs to budget their time and resources (food, stones, wood, and gold). Fortunately, there are helpful magic runes: they can be used to repel vermin, summon a helper, or add resources.

While helping the Smiths, the player gradually reveals the secrets of Brownieland, an itsy-bitsy world hidden right under our feet. Villages, tropical islands, and deep woods are located in our regular houses, and brownies travel between them using magic portals. The rustic landscapes are charming and astounding at the same time: instead of hills and mountains, there are gigantic combs, balls of yarn, kitchenware, and other mundane things. Charming celtic motives create a fairytale mood that is so sorely lacking in daily life.

Those acquainted with the first Brownies game will be happy to come back to this colourful world and have fun with old friends. The game creators have prepared 90 new levels in 10 locations for them, as well as new gameplay elements. New visitors of Brownieland will surely appreciate useful tips before each level: they help novices better understand the game and achieve goals on time.

Some life hacks for travellers in Brownieland:

- In addition to collecting resources, the player can also produce them by building bakeries, sawmills, and other objects.

- To get more characters, the player must upgrade the main house.

- One should collect crystals: they are necessary for using magic runes.

- Tapping on an object will show the resources required to build it.

- The player can accelerate a character’s work by tapping on them.

- Tapping on raccoons chases them away.

- Tapping on an object that is being built will accelerate construction.

- Resources are generated faster if the player taps on gardeners, leprechauns, and other suppliers.

Pricing and Availability

The game Brownies 2: the Return is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play. There are in-app purchases — extra lives, crystals, and resources.


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