Bella Fashion Design Welcomes Android and iOS Fashionistas

April 7, 2017

Sugar Games releases a new time-management game for iOS and Android. Bella Fashion Design is a story of a girl making her first steps in the fashion business. By managing multiple elements and conditions players should help Bella to grow her fashion boutique network.

Despite being a simple country girl, Bella dreams about the world of fashion. She decides to open her first fashion boutique right on her uncle’s ranch. That’s where Bella Fashion Design, a new time-management game for mobile platforms, starts. Bella begins her way to success in a small shop with poor choice of handmade dresses. But as the players help her out by providing service to customers and assisting them in selecting clothes and accessories, the fashion business gradually takes off. Happy fashionistas pay well, and soon the players will be able to purchase additional equipment for the boutique, more exquisite clothes, luxury jewelry and trendy accessories.

The gameplay of Bella Fashion Design is based on well-known principles of the time-management genre. Players must quickly react to certain events to drive the game forward: help customers choose a certain outfit, show them new dresses, lead them to a fitting room and finally accept their money. If a VIP person comes to the boutique, players must put their best foot forward in giving him or her top of the line service to receive good tips as a result.

70+ captivating levels will guide players from the ranch and beach shops to popular city boutiques and exquisite elite fashion salons. If building the greatest fashion empire makes them a little weary, players can switch to fitting their houses: plant a garden, polish the facade, add nice antique lanterns to light up the alley or modernize the interior.

Pricing and availability

Bella Fashion Design is a free-to-play application with in-app purchases. The game supports iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 4.0 or higher.


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Sugar Games was founded in 2004. The company aims to bring in kind family and kids games to oppose multiple militaristic and aggressive games widely presented in the industry. Among successful titles developed by Sugar Games are Rainbow Web with over 10 millions of downloads and Wedding Salon, a second place at in the time-management game category.