Bamboo Apps Presents a Concept of a Digital Key Solution

July 31, 2019

Recently Bamboo Apps joined the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to drive the
development of the digital key technology. Today, the company presents its own concept of a keyless car access solution.

Working on the project, Bamboo Apps aimed at developing an interoperable and adoptable digital key solution with full market potential. Thus, the concept delivered by the company offers the desired functionality to the end-user, allowing to control access to a vehicle via a smartphone. It also addresses the main challenges industry players deal with developing market-ready digital key solutions.

Reliability and flexibility

To make sure a user will be able to unlock or lock a car at the outdoor and underground parking, and any other environments, Bamboo Apps chose Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as a primary protocol for device-to-vehicle communication. BLE signal reliability and range, as well as its immunity to attacks, fully meet the requirements of digital key technology. Digital key app by Bamboo Apps also relies on a cellular connection to deliver to the user updates about the vehicle’s status.

Interoperability and ease of adoption

Most modern cars and smartphones are BLE-enabled, therefore digital key by Bamboo Apps can be easily integrated into ecosystems of almost any vehicles and smartphones. It also means that the implementation of the concept suggested by Bamboo Apps won’t require or won’t be slowed down by the necessity of hardware modifications in cars and smart devices.


“BLE is a natively secure wireless protocol”, says Bamboo Apps’ CTO Sergey Mischenko. “However, for enhanced security, we implemented additional layers of authorization and encryption that provided even better security of user’s data and vehicle systems. Further security advancement was made possible through the implementation of ‘read’ and ‘write’ modes, which allow for automatic locking or unlocking of the vehicle based on the user’s proximity to the car.”

To learn more about Bamboo Apps’ digital key project visit our website or download a case study.

About Bamboo Apps

Bamboo Apps is a division of the Bamboo Group that creates apps for vehicles. Bamboo Apps uses its domain expertise and practical experience to empower OEMs’ success in ideation, design, and development of software for connected cars.