AeroAdmin Launches New v4.1 of Free for Home and Business Remote Desktop Software

New AeroAdmin v4.1 has boosted its performance due to optimized data base access algorithm and new regional routers. Comparing to previous version users can see up to 30% of performance increase.

Moreover AeroAdmin v4.1 can be installed as Windows service in one click. It allows switching of users and rebooting OS without the risk of losing control over remote machine.

New version of AeroAdmin also provides users with new feature SiMS (Simple Message Service) - a system allowing sending help requests from client to admin in one click. The messages are delivered to admin email in a form of tickets containing all necessary data for instant connection.

Key AeroAdmin features and advantages:

- requires no installation, registration and configuration;
- connects computers over the Internet and in LAN;
- flexible Three-Factor Authentication;
- secure AES + RSA encrypted channel;
- simultaneous sessions;
- duplex file transfer with resume up-/download feature.

Users Praise:

- performance boost;
- ease of use and reliability;
- unattended access and installation as Windows service in one click;
- remote logoff, reboot (including in safe mode);
- new ticket sending system (SiMS);
- multiple screens support.

For corporate users:

AeroAdmin provides branding and individual configuration of exe file in paid licenses. Admin can add own company logo or icon, preset access rights for admin computers to simplify connection process, add own link and company name in main AeroAdmin window.

AeroAdmin (with its' paid licenses starting from $29.9) may be considered as a good alternative to well known and expensive remote desktop solutions.