A New Desktop Tool Transfers Photos from Smartphone to PC in a Blink

January 17, 2018

ScanTransfer 1.0 is a free desktop application released recently. The software allows smartphone users to scan a unique QR-code on the desktop screen using a standard iPhone camera and transfer images to that PC via the local Wi-Fi network.

There are multiple ways to copy photos from a smartphone to a PC: sending via e-mail, sharing in a social network, wired connection to a PC and others. But every option requires some preliminary configuration and is not always as straightforward as users anticipate.

ScanTransfer, a new desktop application, offers probably the simplest way to transfer any media from a smartphone to a desktop PC. Once run on the PC, the application displays a uniquely generated QR-code on the screen and asks the user to scan it using the smartphone. Then, the application transparently creates a local network between the PC and the smartphone and hence allows effortless transferring of video and image files to PC.

Importantly, the QR-code shown by ScanTransfer can be read with a standard camera app of iPhone or Android Chrome browser as well as using Facebook or Twitter. No third party QR-code readers are required. In other words, copying files from a smartphone to a PC is a matter of scanning just one QR-code now.

Aside from being fast and straightforward, moving photos and videos using ScanTransfer is also safe and wireless, because the data are transferred by air using the secure local Wi-Fi network. The tool also supports multiple connected smartphones and therefore can act like a hub of a sort where media from multiple connected smartphones are stored.

Provided the program is shipped with a portable version that does not require installation, ScanTransfer is effortlessly one of the most straightforward ways to export photos and videos from a smartphone.

Finally, the program is multilingual with 14 supported languages as standard.

Pricing and availability

ScanTransfer is free. It works on Windows 7 (32/64-bit) or higher and is compatible with iOS 9.0+ and Android Chrome browser ver. 59+.


Website: https://scantransfer.net
Download: https://scantransfer.net/download.html

About the company

ScanTransfer is developed by Woody Wu, an independent programmer and entrepreneur.