A Long-Awaited Sequel to Defense Zone 3 is Available

October 26, 2016

Artem Kotov, an independent game developer, announces the long-awaited release of Defense Zone 3 on Android. The sequel combines classic armed towers with new exciting weapons, adds new landscapes and enemies and offers tons of options to fine tune defenses for even more captivating overall gameplay.

Tower defense, or simply TD, games victoriously march through mobile platforms. While the popularity of the genre seems to be past its peak already, it is nowhere close to oblivion, and the new release of Defense Zone 3 awaited by impatient fans for three years already can stir up the interest to TD games again.

Defense Zone 3 presents the same game mechanism: hordes of enemies rush to a player’s headquarters wave by wave trying to devastate defenses whatever it takes. The goal of a player is to stop incoming armies by rising impenetrable defenses. Winning the game requires a lot of planning and decision making as well as fast-paced activity, and this combination makes Defense Zone series truly unique.

In the new version, along with time-tested turrets and rocket launchers, a player can install some new fearsome weapons too. When the situation on the battlefield becomes really hot, a player can call for special abilities such as Air Strike or Nuclear Bomb that literally clear off the enemies in just one massive blow. Plus, new turret control options allow a player to target specific enemies and guard the base more efficiently.

The game is balanced in every aspect: from graphics and level design to weapon damage and difficulty levels. Defense Zone 3 remains challenging, but never becomes frustrating. That feature is probably the key to immense popularity and sheer replayability of the game.

Pricing and availability

At the moment Defense Zone 3 is available for Android 2.3, but Android 4.3 (or higher) with the hardware support OpenGL ES 3.0 is recommended.


Artem Kotov is an independent software developer well known to gamers by highly acclaimed Defense Zone multi-platform tower defense game series.


Website: https://defensezone.net/
Product page: https://defensezone.net/defense-zone-iii/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.defensezone3