7 mobile app marketing trends in 2021 according to experts

April 20, 2021

There have been many events in 2020 that have influenced mobile app publishers and marketers. In 2021, there will be even more changes, such as alterations in the algorithms and principles of the App Store.

The new IDFA tracking policy will affect all promotion channels, including advertising, ASO, and ASA.

The mobile app market is becoming more and more competitive. App Annie predicts that mobile ad spend will jump to $290 billion in 2021.

Mobile app marketing trends in 2021

1. We will need to invest in alternative promotion channels

In 2021, it is not enough to promote only through the App Store, Google Play and use standard advertising channels (such as Facebook and Google). To attract your audience and get more installs, you need to use alternative advertising platforms and app stores (Mac Store, App Gallery). It is important to invest in the audience and create a community around the application: invest in SMM, email marketing, website.

2. There will be global changes due to changes in the IDFA rules

IDFA is a unique number that helps associate app installs with a specific number and ad campaign. The developer should place all information about the tracked data on the application page. In an update to the iOS expected in 2021 tracking IDFA will require user permission. We may hear about new tactics for collecting information. Platforms with their own data will develop. Marketers will measure ROI differently. Targeted ads can get cheaper, and Apple Search Ads (ASA) can get more expensive. The role of ASO will increase.

3. The importance of product improvement and brand promotion will increase

Experts recommend investing in product improvement and brand development. In 2021, the role of the brand in the mobile market will increase. It will take a lot of effort to get attention to your product after the IDFA tracking policy changes. Therefore, it is important to add new features to the application, work on the quality of advertising messages, implement automation and apply new metrics to track ad performance.

4. We should prepare for changes in the App Store indexing

Auto-correction strongly affects search results and limits the use of branded queries in the semantic core. The appearance of the new Apple search engine may affect the indexing of the application for various queries in the App Store.

5. Subscriptions will be used more often for monetization and engagement

App publishers will work to increase customer engagement. Limiting Apple’s attribution structure could lead to earlier monetization. More companies can start using bundled subscriptions to make their pricing models more attractive.

6. The impact of visual optimization on app promotion will increase

New trends in visual optimization are emerging, publishers are testing ad creatives on icons, screenshots and in games. Every year more and more users start to scroll to the end of the application page, so all elements of the application page will affect the user’s perception of the application. Visual optimization increases conversions by 17-24%.

7. ASO will have more impact on the product

More mobile marketing professionals will participate in ASO. ASO will have a much stronger impact on product and mobile app marketing. The demand for the services of ASO specialists will grow, and there will be a need to create ASO departments within companies.


Based on the events of 2020 and the opinion of professionals, we will provide mobile marketers and app publishers with recommendations for 2021:

1.Try new and non-standard platforms for app promotion, as there will be few standard channels to attract your audience. Use TikTok, consider posting on the Mac Store and App Gallery.

2.Adapt to changes in IDFA policy. Consider how you can convince users to provide access to the data you need.

3.Work on the quality and functions of applications, this is especially important in case of growing competition, development of 5G technologies. Develop your brand, so it will be easier for you to work with a loyal audience without any help of advertising.

4.Follow the App Store indexing changes. Remove those queries that stopped bringing traffic due to auto-correction and restrictions on branded queries.

5.Consider using different subscription packages to motivate and engage your users.

6.Pay more attention to visual optimization. Follow trends but find ways to stand out from the competition.

7.Start looking at ASO comprehensively. Use the data generated during the analysis and App Store Optimization to develop your product.


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