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Better ListView - a new .NET component to replace the standard list view control
Better ListView is written from scratch in pure managed C# code and does not inherit from the regular .NET list view control. It has no dependencies. It is very easy to deploy - it is a single DLL binary that is smaller than 200kB hen compressed. announces release of Better ListView, a component designed to replace the standard list view control included with .NET.

It is very light-weight and lightning fast, as it has been optimized for 100 000+ items.

Why is Better ListView better?

- It has significantly more features than the regular .NET list view
- It looks great, because it always uses the current system theme (including Aero)
- It does not have any unfixable bugs present in the regular .NET list view
- It is more user friendly, it behaves similarly to Windows Explorer list view
- Double buffered and flicker-free
- Customizable and flexible

Better ListView extra features include:

- Better Drag and Drop support (including insertion marker and auto-scroll)
- 3 types of context menus supported (items, column headers, and empty area)
- Inbuilt sorting, multi-column sort supported
- Excellent images support, smooth resizing, column-headers images supported
- Each sub-item can have its own image
- Better checkboxes, can be used in all layouts, 3-state, improved behavior
- XML Serialization
- Advanced hit-test
- Embedded controls support
- Sub-item label editing
- Excellent layout, images and text formatting logic
- And much more

Jiri Novotny (Better ListView project manager) said: "We have created Better ListView because we'd been frustrated with the regular .NET list view control and couldn't find any viable alternative."

Jiri Novotny added: "We and our partners use Better ListView in our own consumer desktop products (for example, Swift To-Do List, the number one to-do list software for Windows). Better ListView is therefore thoroughly tested in the real world by thousands of users. Also, this guarantees its continued development and support in the future. It is not uncommon to find abandoned components by many small vendors, but that will not happen with Better ListView."

Better ListView is 100% compatible with .NET 2.0 and higher.

The pricing starts at $345 for single developer license. Source code licenses are available as well.

- Learn more at:
- Comparison table with regular list view:
- Screenshots:
- Pricing & licensing information:

Jiri Novotny, Project Manager

Last modified: August 05 2008 18:11:02.