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Biz Timesheet Manager: Customizable Project Management Tool for Progressive-Thinking Businessmen
Vinity Soft announces the release of Biz Timesheet Manager, a convenient and flexible solution for successful project management. It includes advanced features for tracking projects, invoicing time and expenses, creating reports. The most remarkable thing about this program is that it can be adapted upon request to satisfy each customer's special needs. Customization may even cost nothing!

Biz Timesheet Manager has been developed to facilitate such business tasks as project management, time and expenses tracking and invoicing, contacting employees and customers and creating reports. All this can be now performed with the help of a single time-saving program, which is also extremely easy to master and to use. It provides all information related to a certain project, indicating who is currently working on it and how much time and money is actually spent.

The boss makes a list of employees and a list of customers, including all necessary contact information, and creates projects, which he or she would like to manage. Each project contains customer's name, due date, expenses, work done and time spent; besides, it should belong to a certain group - there may be Research & Development projects, Long-Term ones, Service Requests, Production Work, etc. Such structure is of benefit for the employees who can easily find a project and add it to their timesheets, and for the boss as well - it is convenient for checking data and reports.

By the way, what about timesheets? The regular paper ones are quite inconvenient, take sufficient time to fill them out by hand and simply look obsolete in our computer age. Any progressive-thinking boss can optimize this by using Biz Timesheet Manager. After two minutes of training all employees will master the program, and filling out a normal timesheet will not take them more than a minute! By the way, the solution informs the boss of all timesheet mistakes, if there are any.

As for invoicing, it is as simple as the other features. Printable invoices are created on the base of information that has already been entered. There are also a great number of supported formats for exporting reports - PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, XLSX, and many others.

Another useful feature is support of messages, which can be sent to employees in different ways - to their e-mails, cell phones or their accounts in Biz Timesheet Manager (such messages are shown when employees access their timesheets).

Pricing and Availability

Biz Timesheet Manager is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 and is available in several editions starting from 59.95. Every license includes 1 year of free upgrades and high-level technical support. Vinity Soft provides all customers with a 30-day money back guarantee. Further information on the product, as well as its 30-days trial edition, can be found at the product page.

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Vinity Soft is a privately held software developer based in Becancour, Canada. It specializes in developing affordable but efficient solutions for business. Among the major products of Vinity Soft are Vehicle Fleet Manager and MLM Network Marketing Helper. For more information please visit the company website.

Vincent Trepanier
Company: Vinity Soft
Tel.: 819 699 6625

Last modified: August 05 2008 18:11:02.