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Awem studio launches The Island: Castaway
Awem studio, the developer of such titles as Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, Romance Of Rome, Cradle Of Rome and Cradle Of Persia announces the release of The Island: Castaway, a simulation game with elements of adventure which is now available exclusively at

The Island: Castaway puts the player right in the midst of a thrilling adventure. An ocean liner caught in a storm wrecks in the ocean. A group of survivors reach the nearest tropical island. Hardly had they time to make a decision what to do next mysterious things started to happen.

"Unlike other casual games of the genre, The Island: Castaway is much more than a mere simulation," said Oleg Rogovenko, Awem studio's CEO. "The game has original characters and mingles intrigue, mystery and humor together, thus creating a thick and absorbing storyline. We hope the players will get immersed within the game world and have an absolutely fresh experience with The Island: Castaway."

The player takes the role of Tom Allison and goes deep into the island to find out what mysteries are hidden by this forgotten place. To survive the perils of the island fraught with dangerous wild animals and natural hazards, the player has to find food, collect fruit and grow vegetables, learn to fish and chase after wild boars, catch snakes and more. Apart from all these, The Island: Castaway features unlockable recipes, collectable sacred statues hidden all over the island and original trophies.

The Island: Castaway full version advantages:
- Huge enigmatic island to investigate: sandy beaches, caves, forests, swamps and more
- Cinematographic plot and 14 unique and fascinating characters
- Over eight hours of addictive simulation and adventure gameplay
- More than 200 unique quests to solve
- Find food, grow vegetables, and learn fishing, hunting and cooking
- Collect sacred statues, earn trophies
- Help castaways survive on the island and find their way home

Pricing and Availability
The Island: Castaway runs on Windows XP/VISTA/7 and requires Pentium 900 MHz, 1 GB RAM. A single-user license costs $9.95 (USD). More information is available at

Product page:
Direct download link:

Awem studio, an independent game development company, was founded in 2002 with the sole mission of developing high quality casual PC and Mac Games for the whole family. The company has established itself as the premier casual game developer in Eastern Europe. Its superior titles include Golden Trails: The New Western Rush, Romance of Rome, Cradle of Rome, Cradle of Persia, Star Defender 1-4 etc. which have delighted millions of families across the world. To learn more, visit

Olga Berezko

Company: Awem studio
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Last modified: August 05 2008 18:11:02.